Mr. Suyam Baidya

CEO, WALkMAN ‘Green Coins’

A recent engineer-turned-entrepreneur, Mr. Suyam Baidya is the CEO and Cofounder of Green Coins Pvt. Ltd., branded as WALKMAN ‘Green Coins,’ an innovative mobile app-based company. His entrepreneurial interventions appertains to escalating environmental concerns, the hustle and bustle of the cities, and the other side of the sumptuous lifestyle. With over 20 B2B business partners, the Green Coins, his most recent successful app rewards its users for low carbon travelling through green coins that may be exchanged for products and services, thus augmenting the concepts of ‘green economy’ and ‘green commerce.’

In addition, Mr. Baidya is a cofounder and the CEO at Pixel Networks Pvt. Ltd, which deals with the 3D marketing of real estate companies in Nepal. He is also a trained drone pilot and experienced analyst of satellite and aerial imageries.

A Kathmandu University graduate in Geomatics Engineering, Mr. Baidya is a winner of Top 5 Incubatees of Connect [IN] – 2nd International Entrepreneurship Conclave, 2019. Earlier, he has been recognized for his startups, winning ICT Award Top 5, WWF Greenovation Challenge Top 12, UNDP Youth Co-lab Top 7, among others. He has also presented his entrepreneurial initiatives on the 2019 Asia-Pacific Forum on Youth Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Mr. Baidya believes there are enough opportunities, not the problems, in evolving countries like Nepal, and envisions the existing problems as bases for feasible and groundbreaking interventions.

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