Dr. Bal Chandra Luitel

STEAM Education Expert

Dr. Bal Chandra Luitel is a professor and transformative education researcher at Kathmandu University School of Education. Prof. Luitel’s expertise lies in employing multi-paradigmatic research designs portraying the problem of culturally decontextualized mathematics and science education. His academic endeavors touch upon developing curricular and pedagogical visions that enable their own students to become critical, reflective, empathic, communicative, and creative learners.

An STEAM Education Expert, Prof. Luitel has been working with a number of Nepali teachers and teacher educators who examine their lived experiences as students, teachers and teacher educators. His research program enables education researchers to engage with a host of research paradigms together with new analytics arising from dialectical, metaphorical, poetic and narrative logics and genres as a means for conceiving, expressing, and implementing visions of an inclusive and life-affirming mathematics and science education in Nepal.

Prof. Luitel draws from, but not limiting himself to, Cultural Studies of Education, Philosophy of Education, Eastern Wisdom Traditions, Self-Study, Writing as Inquiry, Autoethnography, Lived Philosophic Investigations, and Creative Interpretive Epistemologies (CIE) in order to achieve the research goals.

He is also a Lead Researcher and Project Coordinator for ‘Innovations in teaching and learning through contextualized approaches to increase the quality, relevance and sustainability of Education in Nepal (Rupantaran)’ in association with NORAD, Norway. His teaching and research have been guided by the ideals of transformative education, a tradition that has manifold connections with the Eastern and Western intellectual and Wisdom traditions.

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