Connecting Dots

December 23, 2019



Themed under the tagline ‘Connecting Dots,’ TEDxKathmanduUniversity is an independently organized, completely non-profit TED event scheduled for December 23, 2019,  in the central campus premises, Kathmandu University at Dhulikhel, Kavrepalanchok. TEDxKathmanduUniversity encompasses a handful of ideas to be delivered to the curious souls. The event aims to impart the ideas circling around the following purviews: research ideas and methodologies; perks of being multidisciplinary; the importance of technology, computation and networking; and individual agency. 

TEDxKathmanduUniversity is a licensed event. Verify at TED.com

R & D, Multidiscipline, Technovation, Individual Agency

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Why attend TEDxKathmanduUniversity ?

To experience a never-been-before TED event at Kathmandu University premises;

To actualize the multidisciplinary approach of problem solving via our speakers;

To interact and share some notions for breaking the so-called barriers;

To explore the possibilities of networking with renowned speakers and attendees.

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED

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